Checkly makes list magic. Sometimes it’s the little things that makes the biggest difference. Who doesn’t have a bucket list? We all do. Fancy skydiving into the Grand Canyon? We’ve got you covered.

Creating Checkly lists takes the hassle out of finding more information about things you love. Write a list of your favourite wines, click the magnifying glass and we’ll open our in-app browser and a run a search on your favourite search engine! Simple!


  • Create your account so we can safely and securely store your important lists
  • Realtime backup of your data, so that if something happens to your device you can retrieve your lists.
  • Tap the magnifying glass and instantly search for your listed item

Coming soon:

  • Share your list with friends
  • Choose your favourite data sources
  • Collaborate on lists with others

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  • Checkly got a facelift, lots of improvements under the hood and newly updated popups.
  • There’s not one piece of the code that we haven’t refined.
  • Check out the new subscription options for Premium, lots of introductory savings to be had.
  • Premium enables list sorting, filtering and alerts on your items; if you need to be reminded to pick up the milk, we’ve got you covered!
  • Coming soon: More Interface improvements and a slew of new features
  • We have introduced our new premium subscription. Having a premium subscription will unlock some great features and many more to come in the future.
  • Premium: Nudges/Reminders – Now you can create recurring alerts and nudges for items.
  • Premium: Sorting items by complete/incomplete status, date added, your own custom order and by title.
  • Premium: Filter items by complete/incomplete status and by the tags you’ve attached to items.
  • Fixed a heap of bugs and made some performance improvements
  • Lists you are following have now moved! You can find them in the home tab
  • We have removed inline editing of items, now you can expand an item and tap the “Pencil” icon and it will open the item in the composer
  • Editing tags when editing an item
  • UI & Performance improvements
  • You can now tap and expand an item to view things like likes and comments (More actions coming soon).
  • Commenting on items. You can now comment on an item and so can other users too!
  • Let’s spread some love! You can now like an item by expanding its detail and tapping the heart.
  • Notifications for items added, likes, comments and user follows.
  • You can now view activity for lists you own as well as the lists you follow. You can do this by tapping the clock in the bottom tab bar.
  • UI & Performance improvements.
  • All of the shared lists you have interacted with are now listed in with your lists.
  • New Tagging system: Now you can tag your items, tagging items will help narrow your search results. Currently Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify integrated, so tagging an item with Spotify will try and open that item with results in Spotify
  • Now you can view user profiles and their public lists
  • UI & Performance improvements
  • New share and collaborate functionality, now you can live share and collaborate with Public and Public (Read Only) settings. Anybody with the URL to your list can edit and at any point you can turn off sharing and set your list back to private.
  • UI & Performance improvements
  • List’s now open after being created
  • Deep link sharing now works for all lists with better support for new and returning users
  • Fixed Registration hang bug
  • Removed drag reordering when editing items
  • UI and performance improvements