Grow your ability to perform math on-the-fly with Flashly. Pieces of an equation will appear on the screen and your goal is to key in the answer when the equation is over.

What starts off simple will have you hooked as it gets more and more difficult!

Exclusively free on the Apple AppStore!

  • Adjusted the currency and power up values
  • Made improvements to the Facebook Login
  • Lots of UI enhancements
  • General Bug Fixes

3 New Power Ups:

  • Roll back the clock with the Rewind
  • See the question again with the Replay
  • Skip the question with the Skip

New credit system:

  • Play every day to earn free credits which can be used to exchange for Power Ups or to retry a level where you failed with all of your attempts restored

Facebook Login:

  • When logged in with Facebook we will save your progress so that you can keep playing across your devices

Other changes:

  • Quicker flow through the game, fresh new look and under the hood improvements
  • Updated some of the UI
  • Under the hood tweaks and improvements
  • Added sounds!
  • Fixed a memory leak that was causing loads of issues
  • Fixed various bugs
  • New style level and flow
  • UI improvements
  • New animations
  • Better equation generation
  • Various bug fixes 
  • 40 NEW challenging levels
  • New UI and animations
  • Sizing improvements for iPad
  • Various bug fixes