Squarely TD

Squarely is an action-packed Tower Defence game. Sad Squares are trying to break into your space fortress. Earn credits, drop towers onto the freeplay grid, build mazes and blast the squares into oblivion!

12 frantic levels of freeplay action
Many waves of Squarely fun
Drop Towers to protect your base
Build Mazes to slow down the Sad Squares
Beat faster and stronger Sad Squares
Upgrade your Tower Accuracy
Sell Towers and buy more

Coming Soon:
Loads of cool Tower Upgrades
New play modes
Tower Heroes
Loads of Levels

  • Fixed an issue with towers blocking the enemy path
  • Balanced some levels
  • Under the hood improvements
  • Fixed the upgrades system
  • Balanced the level difficulty
  • Fixed a stack of bugs
  • Made some changes to the upgrade system